My Twisted Writer Brain…

My Twisted Writer Brain is Being Pulled in a Million Directions

Okay, maybe a million might be a bit of a stretch but not by much.

When I’m working on a project and writing creatively and building characters, I tend to be very focused. Things like editing and rewrites, however, leave My Twisted Writer Brain drifting along looking for creative endeavors.

So, here’s what I have going at the moment–and this is only the writing stuff–we’re not talking dog walking, laundry, changing my socks…

  1. Major rewrite of my manuscript which is novel number two. I received the beta reader comments back about two weeks ago and finally dove in but I keep getting interrupted. What’s is it that’s taking my mind away? Well…
  2. My Auntie Says… column of course. I’ve been doing this column for almost three years now. It’s always due the Wednesday before print Friday every two weeks. Easy peasy lemon squeezy–right? Um, no. I tend to leave it right to the last minute. Don’t get me wrong–I’m constantly thinking about it but not outlining or writing it. Why not, you ask? Well, that’s because …
  3. I have to do My Twisted Writer Brain… blog. This is a different sort of writing than either the novel manuscript or the column. It’s more personal and I always feel that it needs to be clever. I have a kazillion ideas but of course, I need to consider…
  4. I am the Chief Organizer of a Writer’s Festival that will take place in Penticton, B. C. next September 26, 2020. Yeah, sure why not? I can coordinate presenters, sponsorships, sell tickets, and do all that. Sounds like a great challenge–and Fun. It’s going to be great. And by that time I’m sure that …
  5. My non-fiction book proposal will be completed and submitted. There are two that I need to do actually. Both are very exciting ventures that take me away from the creative and into an avenue of the unknown but what a way to stretch the brain and writing chops, right? I’ll think about these two proposals between my musings about …
  6. Writing contests. Ugh. I can’t help but be seduced down that path of wanting to submit to short story or poetry contests. The thing is that the process for me is time-consuming in that any short stories I have would either need to be written from scratch or require a massive rewrite. I think of it often but alas …
  7. I want to rewrite that poem I wrote about my sister. It’s really good. I read it for my writer’s groups and they gave me positive feedback. Oh yeah…
  8. I belong to three different writers groups in three different towns. While a very positive way to meet and network with other writers it can also be draining. And of course, there’s…
  9. The plain and simple fact that I really –I mean really, really–need to clean up my desk. Man, it’s a mess. I see pictures of clean desks and I want to crawl through the screen and become one with that space. Do you see my dilemma–I have too much to do and can’t get any of it done until…
  10. The manuscript gets done. It needs to be a priority. Now that it’s become the top and bottom of this list perhaps I can sqeeeeeeeeze the the middle (aka 2-9) right out of My Twisted Writer Brain.

I know I’m not alone in the craziness but hey, now blog is done and I have a to-do list. How exciting is that? Man oh man…life is good, eh?.

Let me know if you can relate. If you have any hints or suggestions I’d be open to hearing them.

Have a wonderful week. I’m going to knock a few of these things off my list before I see you next.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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9 thoughts on “My Twisted Writer Brain is Being Pulled in a Million Directions”

    1. lol…Thanks Norma. I’m glad you saw it coming for me cuz boy oh boy…whammo bammo –right up side the back of my head. I have no one to blame but myself. So many worthy projects!! and damn it I’m going to do them ALL!! lol
      Yes, Norma. Make a list….and then run…very fast.
      xoxo Thanks for the kind comments. You make me blush.


  1. My brain doesn’t run in as many directions as yours, Faye, but, yeah. There’s something about being in the thick of manuscript editing that makes other outlets seem more exciting…Not that I don’t enjoy editing. I do! But the itch to write something fresh is always there. I know you’ll get through that list ’cause that’s who you are!


    1. Ah Thanks Marilyn. The funny thing is that I really do enjoy the editing process too. Perhaps it’s the time of year and I want to accomplish more and more before the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of December ending not only the year but the decade! *Sigh*…no matter what, it will get done cuz like you said…that’s who I am. xoxo Thanks for the kind words Marilyn


    1. Soup?! Oh my…now I want to go make soup. A nice warm bowl of soup….another distraction. Add it to the list. lol.
      Thanks Sally!


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