Auntie Says, Auntie Says...

Auntie Says…Grow Up

Oh man, people make me mad sometimes. I just drifted through Facebook and couldn’t believe the pettiness of some people.

It’s one thing to have a rant and express your opinion but it’s another to troll to destroy.

One woman put on a local site: (my paraphrasing) Please know that the stores are being kept open as an essential service. It’s meant to get in and get out. Do you really need the throw pillow now?

I found this to be a real and heartfelt message but she was eaten alive. Two people just bashed her over and over again about needing to buy new toys and new clothes etc. It got to the point of ridiculous as she attempted to defend her words.

For me it’s the attacking behavior that’s so disturbing.

Two things: We seriously don’t need everyone acting like a schoolyard bully AND if you’re on the receiving end–DO NOT ENGAGE–delete and move on.

Before you comment on any site these days–whether political, social, or otherwise, Please take a breath and ask yourself if it’s necessary. We’re in this together and the world is lopsided right now. We seriously don’t need everyone acting like they’re eight years old.

Grow up.

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