Faye Arcand, Faye E. Arcand, My Twisted Writer Brain…, poem

Ode to The Fire Fighters


not of grass

slice palpable

through dense heavy air



not for soup

endless hollows of lake

lifted to the zone above

500 gallons dropped again and again


out of place

bursts onto scene

when and where it wants

like hide and seek peek a boo


of the earth

back to ashes but

hearts still pulse souls still resound

thank you fire fighters-boots on the ground-forestry


every size shape and being


on alert in fight or flight

safety first we understand though difficult


not of storms

but of the wrapping of self in arms

of a loved one knowing

all is well we’re in good hands

by Faye Arcand.

17 thoughts on “Ode to The Fire Fighters”

    1. Hi Denise. Yes. We’ve been out of our home for a week. We were let back today. The fire fighters have been amazing. Feels good to be home. xo

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      1. Oh man. I’ve never been so happy to be home in my life. There’s no damage or charred bushes. One home was lost a few streets over. The firefighters are amazing.

        Liked by 1 person

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