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Celebrate Success as You Expand and Embrace New *B* Vocabulary

As writers we have to always be exercising our brain. Vocabulary can always be a challenge. Here are some unusual B words that you may be able to slip into your manuscript to add interest or intrigue.

Here we go. Try to use these words in your writing.


Playful banter. Sentence: Between the two news anchors there existed a badinage tinged with toxicity.

BERK: noun

A Fool. Sentence: The guy at the party acted like a real berk the entire night.

BURBLE: verb

To make bubbling sounds. Sentence: Between bites of mushed carrots the baby burbled happily.

or noun: To prattle Sentence: the constance burble of the baby made me want to scream.

BUTOH: noun

A Japanese dance often preformed slowly while wearing white make-up. Sentence: The modern dance style of butoh is very popular in Japan.


The habit of unknowingly grinding the teeth especially when stressed or asleep. Sentence: A mouth guard worn at night may help with bruxism.

So, a reader–Marilyn K., said she knew all my A vocabulary words. So I told her I’d know be adding a sixth word called The Marilyn.

So: The Marilyn this month is:

Baetyl: noun

A magical or holy meteoric stone often in an odd shape. Sentence: He held the betyl in front of him as the sun shone overhead.

I hope that wasn’t too easy Marilyn.


Well, there’s your vocabulary lesson for today. Thanks again to Merriam Webster for their help in figuring some of these out.

I hope you have some fun with these words. Thanks for reading My Twisted Writer Brain.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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4 thoughts on “Celebrate Success as You Expand and Embrace New *B* Vocabulary”

    1. Hi Mary Grace. Interesting question. I know I would never use these words in my fiction but I do know many who run along the line of literary fiction do use such vocabulary. And interesting enough….very popular in poetry. Did you read my poem that I did for a contest…I think it was posted on Sept 8th. Omg…some poems I need a dictionary.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I think I did read it. You had a list of words you had to use yes? Using little known words can be a good exercise. I do question why some poets go so overboard though.

        I am careful to keep my writing understandable, while still try not to be repetitive in my word choices. But perhaps that is part of my voice? I love words. All manner of them. But if it steals from the soul of my work, I won’t use it just to look well learned. Or to appeal to an elite literary community. (Ya. I will never be famous.)


    2. Hmm…interesting question. Some people just enjoy words. I really do see what you’re saying though. I think what I’ll do is add a Mary Grace section to my next vocabulary post (I do one a month) celebrating a word that isn’t so OUT there and is perhaps more useable. Yeah. That’s what I’ll do.

      Liked by 1 person

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