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Writers! Calls for Submission and Open Markets. Over 30 Places For Your Writing. April 2021

April is a great month to go sit in the park and start writing some articles, short stories, or essays. What are you waiting for? Markets are waiting for your work now. Always remember to follow the guidelines and do your research.

Also let’s not forget that April is Poetry Month…please feel free to share a poem with me. Seriously!! Click here and come write me a short poem.

In the meantime, check these out. And be warned the first couple of of calls close like–in ten minutes…Quick…Go see.

Sorry about that. but perhaps you have something that fits and is ready to go. Hey, you never know, right?

For the other calls, you’ll have much more time.

Good Luck.

Paying Market for Short story. Check them out. Guidelines at the site.

The home page is here. Always check the guidelines BEFORE you submit to any publication. They suggest strongly that you read a back copy to familiarize yourself with the magazine. Good Luck.


DAME is where women go for the stories people are talking about.

With our incisive editorial reportage,

DAME provides the critical context around the

political, cultural and societal issues of our time.

source DAME

A paying market seeking essays. Guidelines are here. Good luck!

Whole Life Times is open for article queries. Please do your homework and ensure that your work fits with the style and tone of the magazine. Here are the guidelines.

This is a paying market dealing with a holistic lifestyle. Good Luck.

Writer’s Weekly is always on the hunt for great features about how to make money with writing. They pay $60usd for 600 words. Pitch or query first. Do not submit articles. Here are the guidelines. Good Luck.

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