What Will People Say?

Some really thought provoking things here. Have you stopped yourself because of someone else? Hmmm….I need to think more on this. So interesting.

Shayan's Sphere

How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something only by pondering how people will react to your actions? How many times out of fear of someone else’s criticism and condemnations have you abandoned your own dreams in which you believe more than your own self? And indeed how many times someone’s else perspective or perception made you to question over your own identity as well as your own potentiality? Too many times to count, isn’t it?

If you make a lot of money people will question over your honesty. If you don’t make money they’ll doubt on your capabilities. If you spend money on yourself they’ll call it show off. If you don’t they’ll call you miser. If you do good in an exam people will say you know nothing other than books. If you don’t they’ll call you indolent. No matter what you do, haters will always…

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