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How Would You Caption This Picture?

This is for everyone who’s having one of those days.

I took this picture when I tired to get a bag of Doritos. Was the world trying to tell me something?

Ugh!! Ugh!! Ugh!!

I hope your day is fabulous. Go crush it!

How would you caption this picture?

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16 thoughts on “How Would You Caption This Picture?”

    1. lol…I love it. And yes, things did get shaken a bit that day….ended up with a bit more than I expected–in more ways than one. lol. Thanks for dropping by Sally. xo

    1. lol….So funny. It’s like you wanna piece of me? I’ll give you a piece of me….I love it. Thanks for stopping by Ellen. So appreciate your sense of humor.

      1. I’m grateful that you do. There are still people out there who don’t know I have one. I can’t tell you how embarrassing that can get.

  1. Oh Ellen…we’re so in the same boat with half a paddle each. Sometimes I really need to curb my “humor” cuz people are looking at me like I escaped from somewhere inappropriate (we won’t go there)… I get it.

  2. When the universe has to step in and say no to the junk food lol! Hopefully you got at least one of those packets to fall out eventually…

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