• Faye Arcand is an award-winning freelance writer who learned her ABC’s in the attic of her parent’s home. Being the seventh of eight children, she had many older siblings who were her teachers. The love of the written word was instilled at a young age.  
  • Books were devoured and the imagination soared.  Faye knew she could do, or be, anything she wanted…just like her favorite characters. The world was opened to her through words.  This realization empowered her with a quiet confidence and shaped her life as she learned that reading gave solace, and writing provided an outlet.  

  • Reality, of course, interferes with life, and that meant getting an education and foraging out a career.  Faye chose a career within the Canadian criminal justice system.  This involved things like guns, bad guys (and a few good one’s too), digging into people’s private lives, and of course, telling the story in the form of reports or court testimony. The work environment, and people within it, offered a unique  insiders’ vantage point that few ever get to experience.  

  • In addition to work,  Faye nurtured close relationships with her many nieces and nephews (48 at last count). The years of giving advice, encouragement, and sometimes a knock upside the head, led to her current, and popular, newspaper column, Auntie Says… It’s there that she shares her wisdom, insight, and common sense for people of all ages.

  • Faye loves to travel in search of fodder for her writing.  She’s been all over North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

  • She lives in western Canada with her husband, son, dog, and two wayward cats.