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My Twisted Writer Brain… Expand Your “A” Vocabulary–Bet you Don’t Know These words…

I'll introduce and define FIVE new words. Try and use them in your writing. Let me know how it goes. Starting at the very beginning of course...Here are your A words.

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Auntie Says… Wait! Leave That Statue There!

In addition, the reason both sides need to be represented is because until very recently, the history of the attempted genocide of the Indigenous people via removal of children from their families to residential schools, along with an eradication of native language and culture, has not been taught in mainstream public schools.

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My Twisted Writer Brain… Is a Blog Worth the Time?

I'd really like more interaction on my blog. More comments, shares, and likes but I suppose that comes down to content doesn't it? People/readers need to like and enjoy what I'm presenting. I feel like I put a pretty good product out there for the reader to consume--please tell me if I'm wrong. Sometimes it's about entertaining, teaching, learning, ranting.... a little bit of everything.