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Auntie Says…Reflections on 2018

Auntie Says…The year is almost done. As I look back on 2018 I’m amazed at the changes, strength, and tenacity I’ve witnessed around me. It’s been a year of survival and growth. Sometimes, everything can seem so negative—particularly with the current political climate—so I wanted to share some good stuff…it reminds me stay grounded. In… Continue reading Auntie Says…Reflections on 2018


Auntie Says…Try and avoid the Christmas Hangover.

Auntie Says…Try to Avoid the Christmas Hangover Well, it’s that time of year gain. The shift to advent calendars, winter coats and twinkling lights. It can mean only mean one thing—Christmas is coming and it’s coming fast. It’s a time to celebrate and after every celebration, there’s always the clean up and when the party… Continue reading Auntie Says…Try and avoid the Christmas Hangover.