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Auntie Says…Someone is Always Watching

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being watched? The scary truth is that you probably are. In today's world, if you’re in public you should consider the fact that someone could be watching, snapping pictures, or even videoing your every move. Sounds creepy but Smart Phones are everywhere, as are security cameras, and of… Continue reading Auntie Says…Someone is Always Watching

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Auntie Says…Compassion or Vengeance?

Auntie Says…Compassion or Vengeance? Do you know who Jaskirat Singh Sidhu is? He’s a permanent resident of Canada, lives in Calgary, he’s a newlywed of one year, and he was the driver of the semi-trailer truck that ran the stop sign and crashed into the bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos hockey team.  The accident happened… Continue reading Auntie Says…Compassion or Vengeance?

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Auntie Says…Vaccinations protect everyone.

So, with all the talk in the media about anti-vaxxers I had to weigh in.   There’s absolutely nothing more that a parent wants than to raise a physically, mentally, and emotionally strong child. I don’t think anyone doubts that. I believe the whole movement toward anti-vax was brought on by fear mongering, ignorance, and… Continue reading Auntie Says…Vaccinations protect everyone.