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It’s Family Day! What’s Your Family Look Like?

Happy Family Day matter what your family "looks" like--gay, straight, religious-or not, old, young, single parent, same sex parents...whatever... embrace and be Family. Don't judge others because of your own beliefs... just be kind.

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The Week in Review and Tying Up Loose Ends.

Hi Everyone. source: cheezeburger I trust that you're tucked in and staying warm this week. If you're in North America the Polar Vortex has swept down over Canada and the United States leaving freezing temperatures everywhere. Source: Have I ever told you I don't like the cold? lol...I don't like the heat either. I… Continue reading The Week in Review and Tying Up Loose Ends.

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Is it Weird That I Bought Myself a Valentine’s Day Gift?

I will say that if I were you, I'd buy that Valentine's Day gift on February 15th and probably save a bundle. There'll be plenty of chocolate and flowers on sale that day. Just a thought.