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Auntie Says…Go Far By Making Perceived Weakness A Strength

Look at yourself. Who are you? What makes you who you are? What life lessons did you learn and absorb into your soul as a child? Do you have compassion? empathy? or perhaps an extraordinary gift of listening and learning?

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My Twisted Writer Brain… Recent Mind Meandering

Ignorant Negligence pin pulled match dropped mushroom innocuous slashes across the glass the flesh like teeth through ice cream life gone done incinerated pin held match not snuffed tumbles from a lofty vantage point goal achieved as fear begat all blinding encompassing fall out a drag out shell shock shifted to psych out TM by… Continue reading My Twisted Writer Brain… Recent Mind Meandering

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My Twisted Writer Brain…5 SureFire Ways to Beat Writing Procrastination

Writing something different seems like a cop out because the "job" (ie: the novel, the posts, the articles etc.) aren't getting done but a shift can perhaps provide the break you need.