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How A Chance Encounter Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Life.

We found out she rented and drove that huge RV through narrow winding roads that made me nervous as a passenger. She didn't hesitate to explore off the highway. I wondered if I would have the courage to drive that big rig and go where the wind blew me. I wasn't so sure.

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Three Surefire Tips That Will Make Your Blog Successful

I've done well over 200 blog posts in the last couple of years, and I've come to enjoy the process. Blogging is a lot of Hard Work. I don't think everyone appreciates the time and effort that goes into each post, but with that said, I do it because I enjoy it. Initially, it was… Continue reading Three Surefire Tips That Will Make Your Blog Successful

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How Supporting Yourself Financially and Emotionally Can Make You Stronger

For any young person it's important to know you can support yourself both financially and and socially. IMO it's important to live alone and not only get to know yourself but build that strength of knowing your own capabilities.