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Auntie Says… How To Make A Positive First Impression: Five Rules of Visiting

Don't arrive reeking of pot or alcohol. It's a real turn off. Don't assume that you can just light up in the back yard and think that others won't be offended. If you're a smoker--tobacco, vape, or weed--ask the host/hostess where you should smoke BEFORE lighting up.

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My Twisted Writer Brain… Canadian Author, Artist, and Speaker: Carol GoldenEagle PART ONE

You have to remember, I grew up being ashamed of my brown skin, always being told that "Indians" are dirty and lazy and stupid. When a child hears that, repeatedly, it becomes their truth. A person, like an adoptive mother, is difficult to ignore. My dad never said those things.

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Auntie Says…Are you a People Pleaser? 7 SureFire Strategies to Say NO!

Living this way is not only exhausting but unsustainable. You'll burn yourself out constantly doing things for others and neglecting yourself. This is a time for self care and that means learning to say NO.