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A Powerful Lesson That Needs to be Taken to Heart

We live in this world together and we need to take care of each other. When you're young and in a hurry I get it... I really do. Sometimes, I still have to slow myself down and take a deep breath as a little old lady counts out her change or an elderly gentleman leaves his blinker on his car. It's not the end of the world.

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Why You Need To Talk To Someone If You’re Bullied

I didn’t know it but I’d been the target of a group of bullies dressed in chiffon and ribbons. I did however feel the shame and humiliation. I can still feel it today as I feel their eyes looking me up and down--judging.

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The Five Rules of Visiting. How to Make a Positive First Impression.

Don't arrive reeking of pot or alcohol. It's a real turn off. Don't assume that you can just light up in the back yard and think that others won't be offended. If you're a smoker--tobacco, vape, or weed--ask the host/hostess where you should smoke BEFORE lighting up.