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My Twisted Writer Brain…Carol GoldenEagle Part 2

What we do, as writers, is give a piece of our soul to the reader, or at least we should strive for this. We tell stories that need to be told. We say things that need to be said, even if it is not popular or politically correct.

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My Twisted Writer Brain… Canadian Author, Artist, and Speaker: Carol GoldenEagle PART ONE

You have to remember, I grew up being ashamed of my brown skin, always being told that "Indians" are dirty and lazy and stupid. When a child hears that, repeatedly, it becomes their truth. A person, like an adoptive mother, is difficult to ignore. My dad never said those things.

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My Twisted Writer Brain…A Novel is Too Long To Write–What Should I do? Enter Novella…

A novella is a very short novel or an extra long short story. Simple as that. They are normally anywhere from 20,000 to 45,000 words long and many consider a novella a quick read.