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Auntie Says…All women should be celebrated on Mother’s Day.

When I think of Mother’s Day I’m torn between so many images. I can picture little kids carefully cutting out flower pieces to glue to the front of special cards they’re making for their mom. I think of fancy hotel brunches with mouth watering feasts, or gifts from dad of sparkling diamonds laying on a… Continue reading Auntie Says…All women should be celebrated on Mother’s Day.

Auntie Says

Auntie Says…ANGP? Tis the season.

It means All Night Grad Party. I know, I know, you don’t need a lecture about safety, drinking, drugs, or making smart choices. After all, you’re a senior and about to graduate…you know it all. I also know that every year a parent is met at the door by a police officer and told that… Continue reading Auntie Says…ANGP? Tis the season.

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Auntie Says…Dating Should NOT Include Abuse and Manipulation

Is you partner hyper critical and always putting you down? If they tell you you’re fat or stupid—dump them—now. If a partner tells you how to think or tells you that you’re opinions/beliefs are wrong…that’s not love.