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Be Alert to the State of Your Mental Health

Globally 2020 has been a tough year. The pandemic stress and fatigue have brought out the best in people, and perhaps the not so good in others. Everyone's mental health has been, and continues to be, affected in one way or another.

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How To Create More Positive Self Talk to Make Life Better

Twelve words are arranged in a sentence that screams, pulsates, and reverberates around the world. Nothing needs to be added. Everyone who reads those two sentences understands the pain, the confusion, and the fear they belie.

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A Christmas Message From Auntie

Twenty-two years ago this coming Christmas Day my thirty-two-year-old younger brother, Gordon, suffered a massive heart attack. His wife was at work and he was home alone with their two sons, aged six and eight. The boys raced to the neighbors for help. Gord died on Boxing Day.  It was a very emotional and stressful… Continue reading A Christmas Message From Auntie