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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from my Home to Yours

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. With so much divisive stuff going on in the world, I’m hopeful that we can put differences aside for the day. Even if your family doesn’t celebrate with a formal Thanksgiving Day dinner, it still a day set aside for reflection and gratitude. Please enjoy your day. If you’d like to… Continue reading Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from my Home to Yours

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Is a Perfect Mommy a Selfless Mommy? Is it All a Lie? Do Things Need to Change? A Chat With Auntie. What do You Think?

It was Mother's Day just a couple of weeks ago--the flowers, the commercialism, the lies...fed to a population that fails to embrace the fact that mothers need help and support from day one--pre and post natal--not a bunch of crap foisted on them for one day in May.

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It’s Family Day! What’s Your Family Look Like?

Happy Family Day matter what your family "looks" like--gay, straight, religious-or not, old, young, single parent, same sex parents...whatever... embrace and be Family. Don't judge others because of your own beliefs... just be kind.