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Auntie Says…Some Advice if You’re Taking a Gap Year

High school graduation is right around the corner and that, of course, means prepping for final exams, prom, and commencement ceremonies. It’s a time of year that crawls to an end in that it seems to take forever for the final bell to ring and then—boom—it’s over and a different life begins.  The big question… Continue reading Auntie Says…Some Advice if You’re Taking a Gap Year

Auntie Says

Auntie Says…ANGP? Tis the season.

It means All Night Grad Party. I know, I know, you don’t need a lecture about safety, drinking, drugs, or making smart choices. After all, you’re a senior and about to graduate…you know it all. I also know that every year a parent is met at the door by a police officer and told that… Continue reading Auntie Says…ANGP? Tis the season.

Auntie Says

Auntie Says…Graduating? Now what?

So here you are at the end of a 13 year journey.You’ve completed about 11,650 hours of classroom time, spread over 2430 days (give or take), done countless exams, and performed who knows how many fire drills. It’s been quite a ride but now, the grad caps have been tossed in celebration, the prom gowns… Continue reading Auntie Says…Graduating? Now what?