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Auntie Says…A Father’s Day Memory

I can’t believe it’s nearly Father’s Day. With the pandemic and lockdowns, I’ve lost track of time but I’ve never lost the beautiful memories of my dad.  He died of ALS in 1996—a cruel, ugly disease that took him too soon. He was such a soft, gentle soul--a true gentleman. I don’t ever remember his… Continue reading Auntie Says…A Father’s Day Memory

My Twisted Writer Brain…

My Twisted Writer Brain… Friday Musings

outside the light is dull filtered through a murky darkness of grey and drizzle can I blame it for my lack of doing so many questions i think of writers word weavers who fear not the world but push through to their truth brazen some say skilled opinionated even mouthy or know-it-all scathing and hurtful… Continue reading My Twisted Writer Brain… Friday Musings

Auntie Says, Auntie Says...

Auntie Says…Stop and Think About What You’re Doing

I began writing a column about learning from your past mistakes but my mind started to wander and a memory of a family I knew over twenty years ago came to mind. I didn’t know them well but the mother was a work acquaintance. The son, always a polite young man, was quite striking in… Continue reading Auntie Says…Stop and Think About What You’re Doing