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When Was the Last Time You Did Something “Just Because”?

We're already into the second week of February. Time moves so quickly even in these pandemic twisted times. You know, we're all pulled in so many directions lately. Stress levels and tension are rising. So this week, do something only for you. Why don't you.... Go puddle jumping... Source: Unsplash: Rupert Britton Relax in the… Continue reading When Was the Last Time You Did Something “Just Because”?

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Is it Me? I Think People are Marrying Younger and Faster

The major difference between me and my sisters was that I had no inclination to marry at a young age. I was out having way too much fun exploring the world and all its offerings. I finally married at one month shy of age 35 and had my one and only child at age 38.

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Did You Know The World is Your Oyster?

It's that hidden gem you seek from an ugly, crusty oyster that's sealed tightly closed. Closed--I bet that’s what your world feels like right now? I mean, hey, let’s face it, school, social activities, sports, and life itself are all restricted, but it’s not forever.