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Quote of the Day #3–It May be Time to Make a Change

This straight forward piece of advice is powerful and a reminder that you do have a choice. Auntie Lesson: Whether it's a toxic relationship or friendship, sometimes it's best to cut ties for your own mental health. The people you choose to keep around you should be a positive energy and light in your life.… Continue reading Quote of the Day #3–It May be Time to Make a Change

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Who Wins When You Perform Random Acts of Kindness?

We're all tired of the pandemic, the horrible rise in deaths, and the constant messaging telling us what to do. You're not alone. Fuses are getting shorter and people are frustrated as they try to do what's right, or necessary, for their own family. Maybe~~just maybe~~a kind word, a recognition of humanity, or a realization of tolerance can make you feel better--whether giving or receiving.