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My Twisted Writer Brain… I Don’t Have Time to Read a Book! Now What? Here are FIVE Great Alternatives.

By reading, you learn the craft and intrinsically internalize techniques, skills, and approaches that resonate with you and your own writing. It's like studying a painting--the strokes and artistry speak to you and you learn from them.

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Auntie Says… Read to Your Kid. It Makes a Difference.

With no effort whatsoever-- my imagination took off. I could see everything she read. The wonderful peach tree, the hill, ladybug, the was all right there in front of me. It was more than magical. It was a gift she provided without even realizing.

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My Twisted Writer Brain…Books TBR, Readers, and Book Tags

don't know about you but I love to reread books. My hubby doesn't get it. After he reads a book he gets rid of it (collection sigh of horror!)--I know, I know...sheer craziness if you ask me. If I have a book it's a lifelong commitment--that's my reality.