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I Want a Baby but My Wife Isn’t Interested!

If you've already committed to being child-free in your head and heart--that's okay-- but your partner needs to know long before the wedding or it's not fair to anyone. You need to be on the same page as your partner when it comes to these huge life decisions. Be real. Be mature. Share your truth.

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How to Take Charge and Ask the Guy Out

There may be some blushing and stuttering but hey if you like the guy what have you got to lose? Guys, especially the ones dubbed the "nice guys", lack the ability to know whether you like them or not. Signals and flirting are difficult to read and understand. They need to be told in a straight forward way--not pushy or bitchy--always stay classy but don't be afraid to ask.

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5 Powerful Truths About Friendship and Money

The one main problem is that everyone sounds sincere and willing to bend with your wishes when they want something. This includes borrowing money. It begins with good intentions and promises of paying back and then can blow up and become an all-consuming stressor.